Dominican Republic Mission

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Join our team as we travel to Hato Mayer in the Dominican Republic to work on renovating a local house owned by the church.  No construction skills are necessary, just a willingness to work. Stay in the comforts of a new hotel.  Enjoy the beauty of this tropical country and work with local parishioners.

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A huge THANK YOU goes to all who so generously supported the January DR Fundraising Dinner. Sufficient funds were raised to assure a cement block home will be built for Altagracia’s family, and an existing building on the school property will be renovated to become a Children’s Shelter and Pre-School for the community.

St. Andrews enjoys a wonderful relationship with the mountain community of El Pedregal, and especially with the School of the Mount of the Transfiguration located there. In the past, special art and religion classes have been conducted by missioners, school supplies and back packs have been presented to students and teachers, and a special 3 year scholarship will be provided to Teacher Everly so that she may attend college and receive her teaching degree.

In 2015, the quality of education available to students has been identified as a very high priority. When we asked Padre Alvaro what supplies we could bring to help improve the quality of education, he said it is difficult to teach, and for students to learn without basic school supplies, the small library at the school has very few books, the two computers at the school are currently broken, and the dream of having a computer laboratory at the schools seems only that….a dream.

This year, the NE Youth DR Mission Team will be collecting school supplies, books and used, but operable, laptop computers to deliver to Padre Alvaro. Donated laptops will be scrubbed and set to original factory settings prior to presentation. Books suitable for younger students should be in Spanish, but books in English are also needed, as books for older students may be in either Spanish or English. A bin will be designated in the Narthex for the collection of DR school supplies, books and laptops. If you know of a company possibly replacing its laptops for tablets which might be interested in making a donation, please contact Don and Melissa Peeler at 402-572-7556, or at

St. Andrews will have at least ten missioners participating in this mission to change lives. We are very proud of our youth, Kelly Dornan, Hannah Coonce, Audrey Coonce, Isabelle Adcock, and Madison Miles, and so thankful that Dan Coonce, Steve White and Lauren White are giving generously of their time to help lead this mission team. But, of course, the success of this mission lies in the hearts of the many who came together to build a home and support this important ministry.


In 1989 Deacon Bob and Ellen Snow were adult chaperones for a youth work team to the Honduras during which time they visited a local orphanage. As they were leaving, Bob felt a powerful call from God to enter the mission field. A few years later (in 1994) Bob and Ellen left their jobs here in Nebraska and embarked on a journey that would begin at a language school in San Jose, Costa Rica and end in their appointment by the Presiding Bishop to serve as missionaries in the Dominican Republic.

While in the Dominican Republic, Bob works as the administrative assistant to Bishop Julio Cesar Holguin. He has worked with the local community (and numerous missionary teams) as the diocese built a regional medical clinic for the poor and he developed a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to children from poor families that enables them to attend one of the 17 Episcopal Schools in the area. Ellen coordinates all medical and work teams coming into the diocese, as well as the many visitors they receive. Together (with the help of many here in Nebraska) they have made a real difference in the lives of those to whom they minister. Each year parishes from Nebraska offer their time, talents and treasures to further their ministry. Here at St. Andrew’s, a portion of our Outreach Budget is dedicated to financially supporting the work they do and every other year we send a ministry team to the DR to assist them in whatever project they are undertaking at the time. If you have any questions about Bob and Ellen Snow’s ministry, contact me or any other member of our parish Outreach Ministry Team.

We are a Christ centered community, joyfully making a difference by…. Worshipping, Loving, Welcoming, Including, Supporting