A letter from Fr. John Schaefer, Rector

Our theme for this year is “Journey to Generosity”. This seems very appropriate to me. Perhaps you have heard it said that life is a journey. Indeed it is! In addition, we do not traverse the journey unless we are willing to take one-step at a time. Life is a journey, and so is our faith. Therefore, it is appropriate to say that our walk in faith is a journey. Our journey in faith is a willingness to say “Yes” to God who calls us Beloved. Life is a journey to love, to welcome and to invite; a journey to create peace and to live generously. Stewardship is, then, everything we do after we say, “I believe”.

The Journey to Generosity is about participating in God’s inexhaustibleness. But first we must believe that God’s love, healing and forgiveness really are inexhaustible. Maybe your faith journey is taking another step in God’s love. When I took my 115-kilometer walk in Spain, I really did not know if I could do it. I worried that it might be too much for me. After the first day, when my blisters set in, I really worried if I could make it to the end. But I continued to put one foot in front of the other day after day until I reached my goal.

We have probably all heard about the “tithe”, or giving ten percent as a standard of giving. It may sound like an impossible goal. It may even hurt a bit as we try. It can take time. I only ask that if you are not yet tithing, that you work toward a tithe. Not out of guilt, that is not helpful, but instead out of love toward God.

Of course, St. Andrew’s depends on the generosity of its members and friends to carry on the mission that God has given us in this time and place. The past several years we have been able to move from a deficit and a large debt to a positive position and a debt fully paid off. That is all because of you, the great people of St. Andrew’s! We need your continued support to carry on the mission and ministry we have. And so I ask you to faithfully and prayerfully consider what you will pledge for 2018. Remember that a pledge is not a contract, but a faithful response to God. If your circumstance changes, you can always amend your pledge.

Will you please consider joining me on the journey in accepting the challenge to increase your pledge by 3% in 2018 to support the ministry of St. Andrew’s? For example, a pledge of $1000 with a 3% increase would be $1030. As you can see, it’s not a large amount. Let us walk together in our Journey to Generosity to the glory of God through the mission and ministries of St. Andrew’s.


Pledge Payments by Credit Card or Automatic Draft
Click the button below to be taken to a secure website where you can make a donation to the church. First time users are required to set up a profile and password.  Your pledge will be charged to your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card. For one time gifts or recurring pledge. Donate now!

We also offer you the option of paying your pledge through automatic deductions from your checking or savings account. This can be set up through your own bill pay system, or you may contact the church office 402-391-1950.

Cash or Check
Can be placed in the offering plate by using the Envelopes provided in the pews.  To receive credit for cash donations, an envelope with donor name and address is required.

A gift to the Saint Andrew’s is a special way to remember or honor your loved ones on special occasions or holidays. Giving gifts, in memory of loved ones who have died, persons we wish to honor and for any other reason, is a fine way to ensure that the heritage of St. Andrew’s and its outreach work will continue. Those honored and the families of those remembered will be notified of your generosity (amount not disclosed).  If you would like to make a donation in memory or in honor of a loved one, please contact the church office at 402-391-1950.