Staff and Vestry

925 S. 84th St. (corner of Pacific & 84th)
Omaha, Nebraska 68114   phone: 402-391-1950

Rector - Rev Dr John Schaefer
Erin Sloan, Executive Assistant
Bishop's Society Curate, The Rev. Tony Anderson
Church Sexton - Fred Plater
Choir Director, Church Organist - Michael Bauer
Music Director - Susie Thorne-Bond
Christian Education Director - Sarah Black


The Rev. Dr. John Schaefer, Rector                                                      

The Rev. Diane M. Pike, Associate Rector

The Rev. Tony Anderson, Bishop’s Society Curate                                                                                

The Rev. Steve Karcher, Assisting Priest

Susie Thorne, Music Director

Ginny Winsor, Financial Secretary

Sarah Black, Christian Education Director

Erin Rhian, Executive Assistant

The Rev. Dr.  John Schaefer Rector (h) 402/397-5859 (c) 402/690-0991
The Rev.  Diane M. Pike

The Rev. Tony Anderson

The Rev. Steve Karcher

 Associate Rector

Bishop’s Society Curate

Assisting Priest

(c) 401/644-5758



Nancy Ponec, Sr. Warden,    402/331-2575
Lee Hammond, Jr. Warden,     402/250-0286
Jim Schreiber, Treasurer,      402/614-3797


Vestry Terms Expires end of 2017
Taryn Smith
Ben Bryan
Shaun Rife
Vestry Terms Expires end of 2018
Sue Woodson
Joel VanderVeen
James Schreiber
Vestry Terms Expires end of 2019
Roxi Adams
Eric Rodawig
Lauren White

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