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May 2018 ECW News

Episcopal Church Women—News & Announcements


  • Gentle reminder when you use the kitchen please follow the clean-up check list that is posted in the Kitchen.  When in doubt leave it better than you found it.  Any questions about the Kitchen should contact Mary Schreiber at
  • Meal Train–Do you know a church member who just had baby, surgery, death in the family or you simply need assistance for a personal situation?  St. Andrew’s is here for you.  We are also starting a rotation of Meal Train Volunteers.  If you would like to be a part of this ministry or be a recipient of this ministry please contact Niki Rodawig at niki@rodawig.comor 402-415-3635

Episcopal Church Women News:

  • Andrews Episcopal Church Women’s mission statement is “Diverse in gifts One in love and purpose.”  What gifts do you have that you can share?  ECW sponsored events contribute to ministries that serve women and/or children of Omaha and beyond.
  • We need a variety of volunteers to meet the mission of ECW.  Some roles are “one and done,” others have a task list and some are a leadership role.  If you want to know more about how to get involved with ECW please contact any woman in the church!  We are all members of this group.  Our communications director can also direct your questions to right person as well.  Contact Tara O’Shea at

Antique Show…the Farwell tour

  • Thank you volunteers that made the commitment to make the Antique Show a success.  This Episcopal Church Women sponsored event contributes to the ministries of ECW that focus on women and children.
  • Many thanks goes out to Laraine Crane for being the chairwoman for the past 5 years
  • Items without names on them (platters, etc) need to be reclaimed are located on the tables in Engle Hall by the Nursery.  Items not claimed by May 20 will be considered a donation to the church.
  • Do you have a knack at Story telling?  We are looking to archive the Story of St. Andrew’s Antique Show.
  • Do you have pictures of the Antique Show that you want to contribute to tell the Story of St. Andrew’s Antique Show?
  • Do you want a piece of the Antique show for your personal collection?  Please look for announcements this month for an opportunity to repurpose items that were once related to the Antique Show

**Please contact Tara O’Shea with contributions or questions**


St. Andrew’s Craft Faire an Episcopal Church Women Sponsored Event will be held at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church November 10-11.  This will be open to the public and church members Saturday November 10 and November 11 will open to members and guests to the church.  Proceeds will go towards ministries of the ECW.  Our current needs are volunteers.  Please contact Lisa Hammond to volunteer in making the crafts or the day of the faire.


St. Monica’s-May meeting will be May 16 Location TBD.  Contact Amy Urban

MOMS-Calling all women!  Potential Summer women’s group meeting in June or July.  We will be reading Breathing Room by Sandra Stanley.  Keep Checking the announcements for more details with a specific date.  If you questions about Ministry of Moms please contact Erin Zogleman at

Upcoming ECW Events

Ladies drop in between 10am-3pm on April 29 to participate in making a craft the St. Andrew’s Craft Faire.  All proceeds from the craft faire go towards Episcopal Church Women (ECW) ministries like theMagdalene House.
The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) have their April meeting Monday, April 30 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  Come learn about how all St. Andrew’s women are working together to serve the diverse needs of women and children of today.  As always attendance is open to everyone, but would like to see as many women as possible at this meeting as ECW redefines itself for the future.  Babysitting is available.