Updates and Current News

Spiritual Nourishment

Looking for spiritual nourishment during the week? A variety of online services are offered by various Episcopal churches around the diocese from Morning Prayer to Compline. Enrich your soul! Click here for a complete list

Virtual Coffee Hour

Each Sunday from 9 AM to 10AM we host a virtual coffee hour. This is a chance to reconnect with people at St. Andrew’s. There is no particular agenda, other than to reconnect and see one another. If you have not yet joined us, consider doing so this week. It’s a good way to connect with our church members for an informal conversation. Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/496764969

A Pastoral Note

Mother LaClaire is on a leave of absence from St. Andrew’s for the time being. She is taking some much needed rest and reflection and you may not see her for a while. As part of her absence, she has fully disengaged from her duties at St. Andrew’s. In order for her to stay disengaged, I ask that you do not contact her during her time away. – Fr. John

Update on Public Gatherings

The church building is now open on a limited basis for small gatherings of no more than 10 people for the purpose of nurture and mission. All public worship will remain online only for the foreseeable future.

A Note from Fr. John on Public Worship

Many of us hope and pray that we can gather together again in public worship. It is natural and normal for all of us to pray and worship with each other. The coronavirus has upended everything we have done previously and it’s normal to want to go back to the way things were before Mid-March. We are all getting inpatient to one degree or another.

I share in the desire to gather together, make no mistake about that. I have found that I am losing touch with people as time goes on and I’m sure many of you feel the same way too. Especially when we see businesses start to re-open and even some churches hold public worship, it’s tempting to just want to rush back into what we consider normal.

Unfortunately, the virus is just as much present, if not more so with the recent rise in cases we’ve seen across the country. And we have no idea if it would make one very sick or hardly sick at all. Death is a possibility as we’ve seen. It’s invisible and highly transmittable.

We have diocesan guidelines in place to follow in order to re-open and we will follow them. There is no reason to risk the health and well being of our fellow parishioners if we don’t have to. Our conservative approach is an acknowledgment that we, as follows of Jesus, love one another and will protect one another to the best of our ability. We have a committee that has already met to access the steps to re-open in the safest way we can given diocesan guidelines. I know it’s frustrating for some, but we must hold fast to safe practices. I assure you, we will re-open again as soon as we can given the requirements placed upon us. In the time being, be in prayer that this pandemic will end quickly. – Father John

Thank You for Your Support

Your continued support of St. Andrew’s is appreciated! Please continue to mail in a check, set up bill pay with your bank, call the office and have your donation taken out automatically each month and/or donate through PayPal.