Children and Youth

Welcome, St. Andrew’s Youth!

We are striving to stay connected with our young people during this time of social distancing. Here, you will find videos and information for our children & youth. Please feel free to contact the church with any questions on how to stay connected.

Sunday School Songs

NEW! 11/29/20: “Light a Candle”

Hi friends! Here is an Advent song as we enter the Advent season. I hope you enjoy. Miss you, Shelly

10/11/20: “Praises to the Father”

For this recording, you may want to grab a couple of things from around the house so you can play along! Happy Singing! Shelly

1.  A drum! Wait, no drums at home? No problem. Any kind of plastic container will work.
2. Something to shake! I used a container of toothpicks in this video. Vitamins also work well. Just make sure the container is closed before you

9/28/20: “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” 
Click on the globe to listen to the song. This is one of my favorites to sing along! I had the kids in Godly Play draw pictures of the song several years ago. They are really sweet. Shelly

10/25/20: “Go in Peace” 

This is a recording of an old favorite called “Go In Peace.” There is a guest appearance at the end of the video! I hope you’re all staying healthy and I look forward to a time when we can make music in person! (Photo used with permission)
Miss you,

NEW! 11/23/20: “Give Light” 

Greetings! Here’s a song I hope to sing with all of you in person one day. The verses are:

  • Give light and people will find a way
  • Seek peace…
  • Stand together…
  • Give hope…
  • Give love…
  • People will find a way I do believe


Christian Education

Sunday School in a Box

Sunday School in a box is off to a great start. Check out these photos of some of our children enjoying theirs.

October: Your October Sunday School in a box went out in a manila envelope this week!!! We are learning about “wheat.” Every child will have a chance to grow their won wheat, read the story of the sower and have fun with some worksheets.

November: Next month our lesson will be on “gratitude.” If you have any suggestions, send me an email @ All of your suggestions or thoughts are appreciated! Or you are welcome to share stories of your children that you think would be fun for us to hear, maybe a special song or prayer your son or daughter has been singing or saying at home!

Youth Group

We had a great night at Leslie and Joel VanderVeen’s for Youth Group in October. We socially distanced outdoors, wore our masks, roasted hot dogs, had chips and then had our Smores. Everyone shared stories about school life in the Fall of 2020! It was fascinating!!!! I hope we can do this safely again and with other ages!

Wishing all of you a beautiful fall and a quick return to being together!!!